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Moonphase EPR-52 by Paul Gerber

A moon phase display where no display should fit: there are challenges in the world that even a genius inventor has touble with.

The extreme miniaturization of a moon phase display wasn't what puzzled Paul Gerber; it was more the search for the correct positioning of where the mechanism could be placed.

In one way, the micro moon phase by Paul Gerber is an homage to quantum physics, and even more specifically to quantum entanglement, which states that two particles without physical contact can be connected, thereby sharing the same destiny even across great distance - just like the time and the moon phase in this instance.
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Paul Gerber

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We repair Swiss and international watches, as well as quartz, electric and mechanical clocks. We maintain records of service. These records are specific to each timepiece, detailing parts and services required, expected accuracy, dates of retrieval for warranty purposes. Each of our technicians has over 30 years of experience. The results of our work are verified by our use of the latest electronic equipment.

Our focus is to serve our customers and provide them an appreciation of their timepieces and options for maintaining and restoring them. We do custom work enabled by our technicians' expertise.
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Watch Restoration Services

Give your watch the spa treatment that it deserves. We offer watch restoration services and can also help give your watch a timeless update to the design.

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