Mondaine stop2go

Inspired by the clocks for the Swiss Railways designed by Hans Hilfiker in 1944,  the Mondaine stop2go is a unique watch that celebrates the traditions of Swiss precision and punctuality.


The second hand, shaped like the signalling discs used by rail traffic controllers, travels around the face in only 58 seconds, pausing for 2 seconds at 12 o’clock. The synchronization of the original Swiss Railway clocks down to the beginning of every minute brought world-wide renown to the SBB.

The watch, at an MSRP of $675-725, combines form and function. The solid stainless steel case is more industrial than minimal. The dial, not without humor, is legible from a distance far greater than what exists between a person’s wrist and their eyes. Purchase a stop2go from us and receive The station clock: A design legend from Switzerland, a book that discusses the legacy that began as soon as the second hand on the Swiss Railway clock first stopped.

See the watch in this short video from Mondaine.