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Same Day Service
  • Watch strap replacement including exotics*, leather, nylon, stainless steel, rubber or silicone (*ostrich, lizard, wolffish, crocodile, alligator, sharkskin, snakeskin, gallo, goatskin, sheepskin, buffalo, cordovan)
  • Deployment style watch straps and famous Swiss brand sizes
  • Metal links adjusted for size
  • Reconnect strap to case, various connecting styles
  • Clasp and buckle replacement
  • Mineral glass, sapphire hardness glass or acrylic crystal replacement or buffing,  and custom cutting
  • Removal of moisture trapped inside watches
  • Application of new luminous material or color lacquer to hands, markers, and bezels
  • Ultrasonic cleaning in ammonia bath to sanitize
  • Demagnetize mechanical watches
  • Battery and capacitor replacement (all types of watches, including sports and divers’ watches, clocks, and electronic devices) with Swiss-made batteries
  • Testing for water resistance and sealing with new gaskets
Special Services
  • Diagnostics of quartz and mechanical watches
  • Automatic and mechanical wind watch service
  • Water resistance restoration
  • Overhaul maintenance
  • Upgrade movement by replacement
  • Authentication and appraisal

Service Warranty

Our service warranty applies to pre-owned timepieces purchased or repaired at Swiss Watchmaker. We are an independent service center. We repair watches after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired, or at the preference of our clients. Check your date of purchase and warranty info if you believe you are entitled to a manufacturer’s warranty following a new watch purchase. Our work is guaranteed for 12-months following your date of retrieval. This guarantee is valid only at Swiss Watchmaker. This warranty covers the cost of parts and labor used for restoration but does not cover problems resulting from misuse (shock, crushing, humidity in the case of non-water resistant watches, etc.) and alterations or repairs carried out by unauthorized personnel not on our premises. If a water resistant seal has been provided, your timepiece has been tested and is guaranteed for one year from the date of retrieval. Watches subject to extreme temperatures must have screw down crowns to insure that moisture is not trapped inside. Timepieces left for repair and not claimed are subject to Massachusetts law of Mechanics’ Liens.
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